University of Malaya



  1. When is the BMAT test?

    • Date : 4th of March 2023
      Day : Saturday
      Time : 15:00 - 18:00
  2. My son/ daughter took SPM in 2023. Is he/ she eligible to take the test?

    • Application is only open for students who already had their SPM results in hand and are completing their foundation/ STPM/ Matriculation/ 'A' Level at the moment.
  3. How do I pay?

    • Please register via the online application portal at
      Kindly follow the instructions in the form which will lead you to the payment gateway.
  4. Do I get an exemption for fees?

    • Currently we do not offer any fees exemption.
  5. My son/ daughter is currently doing A-Levels but sat for SPM in 2021/2022. Can he/ she apply?

    • Yes. Application is only open for students who already had their SPM results in hand and are completing their foundation/ STPM/ Matriculation/ 'A' Level at the moment.
  6. How much is the fees for the test?

    • The test fee is RM450 for Malaysian and RM950 for Non-Malaysian.
  7. Do you need my matriculation/ STPM/ PASUM/ MUET trial results or CGPA?

    • No, not at this point.
  8. How long is the test?

    • The test takes 2 hours.

      The BMAT (Malaysia) comprises 3 sections.
      Section 1 takes 1 hour, Section 2 takes 30 minutes and Section 3 takes 30 minutes.
  9. Are there any other suitable dates to take the test?

    • Unfortunately, NO.
      There is only one test date - the test is scheduled for the 4th of March 2023 and will be conducted on-site.
  10. I cannot seem to access to the website. What should I do?

    • Please try again as we are experiencing heavy traffic of applications. The portal is open until 16th of January 2023, 12:00 noon.
  11. I read from other website on admissions to Universiti Malaya. Can I trust their information?

    • Please obtain official information from the website of Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya “”. We are not liable for any misinterpretation of information on the unofficial website.
  12. I want to know more about the test. Where can I get the information from?

  13. Does UM only accept results of BMAT (Malaysia) admission test? Any other admission test I can take?

    • UM accepts the results of all BMAT Cambridge admission tests, UCAT, MCAT and GAMSAT for the latest sitting. UM is not responsible for any costs incurred for these tests.
  14. I have missed the deadline of the application/confirmation to the BMAT (Malaysia) test. Can I still apply?

    • The BMAT (Malaysia) application portal opens from 15th December 2022 (12:00 noon) to 16th January 2023 (12:00 noon.). There will be no extension to the dates for application.
  15. Will I be receiving any additional information after I have completed my registration and made my payment?

    • Please check your e-mail regularly as we will be sending you information of the test from time to time.
  16. I have registered but I have not made payment. Am I considered as a candidate for the test?

    • You will need to complete the payment process before your details are captured by the system. Incomplete application shall not be considered.
  17. I received the confirmation of registration after the deadline. Will I still be able to sit for the exam?

    • We believe you would have registered very near the time the application was about to close. Yes, you are allowed to sit for the exam. Since you have registered and made payment online, your information will be captured.
  18. Can I sit for the BMAT (Malaysia) test without my MUET results?

  19. What should I prepare and what should I read?

    • The details for the test are available online at
      We advise students to consistently check the website for latest updates.
  20. I do not want to sit for BMAT (Malaysia) but I have registered and made payment. Can I get a refund?

    • We are sorry to hear that you will not be taking the test. There will however be NO refund if you decide not to take the test.
  21. What is the next step after sitting for the BMAT (Malaysia)/getting the BMAT (Malaysia) results?

    • Please make sure you have applied to do medicine in UM via the UPU online portal or UMCCed (for Open Channel). Shortlisted candidates will be called for interview. Please check your e-mail from time to time to ensure that you do not miss the interview dates.
  22. What do I do with this BMAT test result?

    • The university will match your entry requirements with the BMAT (Malaysia) results before calling the candidates for interview. An e-mail will be sent to your respective e-mail accounts for notification of your BMAT (Malaysia) test results.
  23. Based on my result, how do I know if I am qualified to enter UM?

    • There is NO pass or fail marks for BMAT (Malaysia). The rubrics of the scores are available below.
  24. When will be the announcement for calling of interview?

    • Please check your verified e-mail from time to time to ensure that you do not miss the interview dates.
  25. Is there any certificate that I can claim/ do I get a certificate for sitting the test?

    • The statement of your results will be released to your e-mail.
      You can print the statement from your e-mail if required for verification. There will be no issuance of certificate for this purpose.
  26. Based on my results, am I qualified to enter UM for the MBBS program?

    • BMAT (Malaysia) is ONE of the entry requirements and is a pre-requisite for application for the MBBS program. Please check your e-mail from time to time to ensure that you do not miss the interview dates.
  27. The result for English is rated based on scale of A to E, which one is the good one, A or E?

    • Please refer to the rubrics for the respective sections below.
  28. How do I know how well I have performed in the BMAT (Malaysia) test?

    • Results for Sections 1 and 2 are reported on the BMAT scale, which runs from 1 (low) to 9 (high), with scores being reported to one decimal place. For Section 3, Scores are awarded on a scale from 1 to 5. An answer judged to be irrelevant, trivial, unintelligible or missing will be given a score of 0.

      These are the rubrics for Score1-5:

      Score 1

      An answer that has some bearing on the question but which does not address the question in the way demanded, is incoherent or unfocussed.

      Score 2

      An answer that addresses most of the components of the question and is arranged in a reasonably logical way. There may be significant elements of confusion in the argument. The candidate may misconstrue certain important aspects of the main proposition or its implication or may provide an unconvincing or weak counter proposition.

      Score 3

      A reasonably well-argued answer that addresses ALL aspects of the question, making reasonable use of the material provided and generating a reasonable counter-proposition or argument. The argument is relatively rational. There may be some weakness in the force of the argument or the coherence of the ideas, or some aspect of the argument may have been overlooked.

      Score 4

      A good answer with few weaknesses. ALL aspects of the question are addressed, making good use of the material and generating a good counter proposition or argument. The argument is rational. Ideas are expressed and arranged in a coherent way, with a balanced consideration of the proposition and counter proposition.

      Score 5

      An excellent answer with no significant weaknesses. ALL aspects of the question are addressed, making excellent use of the material and generating an excellent counter proposition or argument. The argument is cogent. Ideas are expressed in a clear and logical way, considering a breadth of relevant points and leading to a compelling synthesis or conclusion.

      For Quality of English, Scores are awarded on a scale from A to E.

      Band A – Good use of English.

      • fluent
      • good sentence structure
      • good use of vocabulary
      • sound use of grammar
      • good spelling and punctuation
      • few slips or errors

      Band C – Reasonably clear use of English.

      There may be some weakness in the effectiveness of the English.
      • reasonably fluent/not difficult to read
      • simple/unambiguous sentence structure
      • fair range and appropriate use of vocabulary
      • acceptable grammar
      • reasonable spelling and punctuation
      • some slips/errors

      Band E – Rather weak use of English.

      • hesitant fluency/not easy to follow at times
      • some flawed sentence structure/paragraphing
      • limited range of vocabulary
      • faulty grammar
      • regular spelling/punctuation errors
      • regular and frequent slips or errors

      An essay that is judged to be below the level of an E will receive an X.

      Each essay is double marked. For each scale, if the two scores awarded are the same or occupy adjacent positions on the scale, the scores are combined to give the final mark.

      The composite mark for the quality of English is derived by combining the two scores as follows: AA = A, AC = B, CC = C, CE = D, EE = E. The composite mark for the quality of content is derived by calculating the average of the two scores.

  29. I am the parent of the candidate. Could you please send to me my child’s results?

    • We can only release the results via the candidates’ verified e-mail address registered for BMAT (Malaysia) 2023.